Sydney Traffic

Traffic.  Specifically Sydney Traffic.  Definitely not the place I want to be at the moment.  But by a comedy of errors, my Fast Escape drive with a friend which was meant to take in the run over the Blue Mountains has turned into this.  Caught in Sydney’s Saturday traffic.  Random, chaotic and everywhere!  Unfortunately, as most parents can attest, swimming lessons, netball and groceries turned my plans for a clean exit out of Sydney into getting trapped in a Saturday Sydney traffic nightmare.  Don’t get me wrong, any time behind the wheel of a Ferrari 360 is time well spent, but when it is in traffic, you dream of better places.  There is no other way to explain it than it is like watching a caged tiger.  All it really wants to do is unleash, but it is stuck with no way out.  The only enjoyment for the jaunt being the turning lane from Epping Rd to Pittwater Rd.  Holy hell that car can take a corner.  Even my mate in the passenger seat couldn’t wipe the smile off his face after that one.

There is one benefit though.  When the traffic gets so bad you may as well just stop and get out.  At least that way, coffee in hand, you can take in those gorgeous lines gleaming in red.  It is one factor you can’t enjoy from the inside.  Mobile art for the pedestrians of the city.

So is there a moral to this story?  Yes, yes there is.  Whilst there are many who will drive exotic sportcars for the need to be seen, the brag factor if you will, the only true enjoyment is in solitude.  Driving along the twists and turns of the Old Pacific Hwy, or the gently winding straights of the Great Western Highway.  The engine rumbling a tune sweeter than Tom Waits singing a gospel hymn.  Cars dotted around but in reality, no one to get in your way.  Drop back a couple of gears, pray there are no Police around, plant your right foot and listen to the roaring symphony.  There is truly no greater feeling.

Oh – and try to plan your exit to avoid Saturday Sydney traffic!

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