Love is Rosso Corsa this Valentine’s Day

Since the 1920s, when Italian racing cars rolled out onto the track, their gleaming Italian national racing colour, Rosso Corsa told the world where they were from. Be it Alfa’s, Maserati’s or the all conquering Ferrari’s.

What is it about this colour that manages to say so much in something as simple as a hue. It never fails to turn heads and make an impression where ever it goes.

Let’s consider… Would a red rose by any other colour be as romantic? Would a bull get so worked up without the red flag?

They say the colour red is synonymous with passion. Which somehow fits so well with the beautiful machines they wrap. Even to this day, the resale value of a red Ferrari will be greater than a similar Ferrari of any other colour.

Consider… Would a Ferrari by any other colour be so right?

It is the colour of danger, the colour of the blood that runs in your veins and the colour that can make your heart beat faster. Maybe that is why it works so well adorning the most beautiful cars the world has ever seen.

So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, maybe the best way to get your pulse racing is to forget the red roses and try a rosso corsa coloured present.  It is sweeter than any chcolate that will ever touch your lips and a hell of a lot healthier for you. More over the memory will last a lifetime.

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