Five things … You can do with a Ferrari without breaking the law

I know, I know, it is kind of there front and centre that when you are behind the wheel of a Ferrari, the speed limit signs start to feel more like an advisory sign. I have racked my brain to think of ten things you can do with a Ferrari without breaking the law… I could only think of five! So here goes:

Number 5 – Chat to interested passers-by

I have lost count of the number of conversations I have had at petrol stations with people at the adjacent pumps. And who doesn’t like talking about Ferraris. Met some lovely people in the process too. Parents with kids in-tow will unabashedly come up to you asking if they can take a photo with the car (not with you, but you may be asked to play photographer).

Number 4 – Take someone for a drive

The majority of the population will never sit in, let alone be driven in a Ferrari. To give you an idea of the exclusivity, last year Porsche made more cars in one year than Ferrari has produced since Enzo rolled out the 125 S in 1947. Not only are they rare, but most of them live in garages hardly ever seeing the light of day. The closest most people will get is looking at them from behind a velvet rope at a motor show. Part of the reason we started Fuga Veloce was to see the smile on people’s faces after they drop the keys back. If you have the opportunity, share the experience that is “Ferrari” with everyone you can.

Number 3 – Find a road with curves

Even though Enzo was known to say “I build engines and attach wheels to them” they still handle the corners like Messi handles a soccer ball. If you find a particularly windy road, you won’t need to crack the limit as you would have found nirvana anyway.

Number 2 – Just stop, get out and look at it

Matrix said it for us. “… or were you looking at the woman in the red dress”

It is really that easy. Having owned a Ferrari for a while now I still love hopping out of the car and simply looking at it. They literally do not have a bad angle. No speeding tickets possible. 100% legal eye-candy. Our Instagram feed (as well as Ferrari’s official feed) can attest to this. And even if you are driving, make the most of every reflection. It actually makes you slow down and hope for red lights. You’ll notice a lot of car perving from pedestrians too.

Number 1 – Tunnels

Guaranteed to put a smile on any Ferrari lovers face, all you need to do is find a tunnel, slow down, drop back two gears and then accelerate like you stole it. No need to even get above the speed limit, the Maranello symphony for that short blast will give you all the happiness you need. Your heart will just beat out of your chest. Then look over at your passenger (with the biggest smile on your face possible) and reassure them that you are still amazingly within the speed limit! They will doubt you, but it’s the truth.

I hope that gives you a few ideas on how to stay on the happy side of the law. Whatever the way, just enjoy the time. And make the journey as much fun as the destination.

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