Ferragosto 2018 Wrap-up

This year, Ferragosto managed to mark a few milestones. Not only was it the 21st Anniversary of the festival for the City of Canada Bay, but it also clocked up the first birthday for Fuga Veloce. It is the day that we like to say was the real launch of the company back in 2017. And not unlike a one year old getting a better familiarisation of their surroundings, I think we managed to enter the day a little surer of what we were doing.

For those not in the know, Ferragosto (well the Australian version at least) is the annual Italian Festival held on Great North Rd in Five Dock. A cavalcade of food, rides, paraphernalia and shows in honour of the cultural heritage of the area which still has strong ties to Italy. So when you think Italian, for most, the first thing that pops into your head is Ferrari…. unless you are hungry in which you would probably say spaghetti, but I digress… Thanks to the wonderful people at Canada Bat Council, we were front and centre to help truly provide that quintessential element.

Now, I have been coming to Ferragosto for many years, but each year leaves me more astounded. In the same way each new model of Ferrari is faster and more beautiful than the last, Ferragosto seemed to be even bigger and better this year. From our high point on Great North Rd we had the pleasure of watching the sea of people eat, drink, smile and laugh on a beautiful (albeit remarkably windy) day in August. Spending the day there is less a business opportunity and more of a chance to chat to people about the things I love, cars and drives. A special mention must be made to the members of the Italian Made Social Motoring Club. It was those gorgeous Fiats, especially a little X1/9, that made me fall in love with Italian cars in the first place.

So as we wrap up another year at the festival, I can’t wait for the next one. I may hope for a little less wind next year as I am sure there are thousands of photos of a beautiful red car with a man holding down a gazebo in the background. May I suggest a little photoshopping will fix that right up. And for the group of guys who anxiously waited to hear the Ferrari roar to life at the end of the day, I hope it was worth the wait.