On International Womens Day, I was inspired by Ashbury Service Centre to run a Dignity Drive. I discovered that 44% of homeless people are women and that these women are regularly forced to make a decision between groceries or sanitary products.

Over the next few weeks I will be collecting names and addresses of anyone who would like to donate sanity products to Share The Dignity. Then on Thursday 5 April I will be taking our Ferrari 360 out on the road to collect these donations and deliver them to the collection box at Ashbury Service Centre.

As an added bonus – anyone who contacts us to make a donation, you will get a special reward from Fuga Veloce.

Check our Facebook post for more details…. there is also a little ADDED extra special offer for anyone interested in Fuga Veloce’s Dignity Drive…

So when you’re doing the shopping next, think one box for me, one box for her. Contact us today to change another woman’s life.

Contact us before 4 April so we could look at booking in a collection of your donated sanitary items.