Dignity Drive Wrap Up

People would say any excuse to drive a Ferrari is a good excuse. But when you combine a charitable reason, then the sun is shining and I’m itching to get behind the wheel of a red hot Ferrari convertible.

Nicole from Ashbury Service Centre contacted me about the Dignity Drive for Share The Dignity. The Dignity Drive is an initiative where businesses offer to become collection stations for the community to drop off sanitary products for homeless women. 100% of the products go to those in need. They run the drive all April & August.

On the 5th of April this year, I decided to put a little Fuga Veloce-spin on the term “Dignity Drive”. Over a few weeks in March I gathered offers from the community for donations to be collected. Then bright and early on a beautiful Thursday morning, I picked up Nicole to join me, and we started driving around Sydney gathering donations from so many generous women (and children). And we didn’t collect just 1 or 2 packets at each stop. Nicole & I were absolutely blown away by people’s generosity – we collected bags and bags of products. We filled the Ferrari’s boot up… and then some! Luckily Nicole hopped out partway through the drive as I had to start using the passenger seat for all the donations.

By the end of the day, we had collected exactly 399 packets of pads and tampons.

Considering each pack contains approximately 16 sealed packets, that would mean we collected close to 6384 individual items.

It was such an amazing, incredible experience. I met so many generous women on my Dignity Drive, can’t wait to do it again next time!

Here is a shout-out to some of the amazing women who shared my journey:

For more information about Share The Dignity, check out www.sharethedignity.com.au

Visit out Facebook page to relive all the fun we had during the Dignity Drive. Be sure to follow us to learn more about what we have planned next.