Imagine being female and homeless.  Having to chose between buying food and dealing with “that time of the month”.

The Australian Not For Profit – Share The Dignity – really struck a cord with Mel from Fuga Veloce.  She saw a need and an opportunity to truly help and bring the community together around a charity that gives back directly to those who need it.

Wednesday 29 August was chosen as the day to hold the Mobile Dignity Drive.  And it was an incredibly memorable day.

Anita from the Facebook group Inner West Mums joined Mel and together they planned an event to end all events!  Anita brought in Guardian Early Learning centres – each of their Inner West centres were gathering donations.

Amelia from Wonder Birthing rallied a Mother’s Group and they all brought in donations.  Silvana from Abbotsford Family Pharmacy provided a massive boot-load of products.  And Nicole from Ashbury Service Centre was the official collection point.

Anita accompanied Mel throughout the day and they had so much fun collecting people’s donations around Sydney’s Inner West.

When all was said and done, Fuga Veloce had collected 478 packets of various sanitary products… that equated to 7,364 individual items.  All of which will go directly to homeless women in need.  Job well done.  Day well spent.

Did you catch our write up in the Sydney Telegraph/Inner Went Courier?  This link will only work if you have subscribed.  But read the article in image slideshow above.

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