10 things I now know about driving a Ferrari

1.      An F1 gearbox is a COMPLETELY different drive than the standard tiptronic gearbox.  Even though the Ferrari can be driven as an auto (one of the most responsive autos I’ve been in), when you’re taking corners using the flappy paddles is an absolute joy.

2.     The Ferrari 360 is surprisingly spacious.  There was enough space for handbags, cameras, mobiles and water bottles in the driving cabin.

3.     While traffic and suburbia driving is not pleasant in a Ferrari, it’s also not as impossible or daunting as I expected.  Speed bumps I handled really well, must work on sudden dips in the road though.

4.     0 to 100 km in 4.4sec is fast.  Like, you’re still in first gear and hitting 100 and you haven’t even had a chance to blink, fast.

5.     An engine immobiliser will mean you can’t start the car.  Even if you don’t turn the immobiliser on, it will immobilise itself within about a minute or so.  Incredibly embarresing to be sitting in a Ferrari at the top of a lookout, surrounded by normal cars, and the Ferrari won’t start.  I got there in the end and I’m sure the mad burnout I did as I exited is what the crowds will remember more, but the 2 minutes I spent fiddling and cursing to get the engine started felt like 2 hours.

6.     It’s much easier just to put the car in automatic for driving in the densly populated suburbs of Sydney.  It’s still a powerful drive, but allows me to stress about one less thing.

7.     You really shouldn’t wear highheels – or shoes really – when driving the Ferrari.  There is actually a level of control gained in the acceleration if you’re not wearing shoes.  You can ‘feel’ the car.  True.

8.     Bring a selfie-stick so the passenger can take photos.  The car is low, so it was difficult to capture shots of the car and the scenery without it looking like we were in a hole.

9.     People will ask you to give it some revs/juice.  You won’t have to try very hard to make it sound awesome, but it will take some practice to make sure you don’t fishtail it and make yourself look like a Ferrari douche.

10.  You must be able to open the car door fully to exit the car with some gracious style.  Any deviation from a fully opened car door will lead to unladylike leg spreads, potential for complete failure to exit the vehicle (i.e. partial exit quickly followed by a fall back into the seat) and a great deal of grunting, swearing and mumbling to yourself.  Should be added, don’t even think about trying to hold your handbag as you extract yourself – exiting elegantly is a 2 handed job.  Come back for the bag once you’ve nailed your landing.

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